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The End

My sabbatical is officially (almost) over. It’s time to drop the habit of spending 6 hours a day reading and commenting on Hacker News and other sites, stop playing those video games, and reading books. I’m happy that I finally finished the 10 realms books last night…

This sabbatical has been a fantastic joy. It’s a reminder of my childhood summers, spending time with friends, wandering the world, and learning things you’d never learn in any kind of institution. I managed to complete a few goals, including some private ones. Somehow, I didn’t manage to ever get around to gardening… so there is currently a jungle in the backyard, complete with grapes and everything.

I’m looking forward to being back at work and meeting up with my teammates over the next couple of days in Slack and Zoom. I haven’t dared to step into my old office in months, but I did take a peek. It’s a disaster area in there, so that will probably be my first task of the day. Cleaning up my office and figuring out how to boot up my work computer.

Will I do this again? A once young, now old (ha!) teacher once said: “we are only the memories we leave behind.” I find that the free time I had really let me spend some quality time — maybe too much at times — with the people I love. So, I’m going to have to say, “maybe.” My son will be 13 going on 14 the next time I have this opportunity. At his current age, he actually wants to hang out with me and do things together, so I will truly treasure the memories we’ve made this summer. In another 5 years, I highly doubt he’d want to spend so much time together…

So, we’ll see.

Anyway, I still have 45 minutes left of my sabbatical. Time to go back to that game I really shouldn’t be playing…

Love you all,


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